In all countries of the world, people with disabilities are the largest minority group. As a group they are starved of services & facilities available to the non-disabled and, consequently, are least nourished, least healthy, least educated and least employed. They are subjected to a long history of neglect, isolation, segregation, poverty, deprivation, charity and even pity. The senior citizens are also God’s own wisdom passed on to the younger generations and society and that needs to be preserved and rewarded. The special care which senior citizens require thus needs no mention. The Government of Himachal Pradesh is issuing both the Senior Citizen and Disability Certificates to the disabled as well as senior citizens so as to avail travel concessions, reservations and other benefits under various schemes of the Government using a manual system fraught with following shortcomings like time consuming process, tempering with ID Cards, non-standardization and non-availability of information etc.

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